Public Tandem Tour: Strong and vulnerable - women on displacement

Dienstag, 06. Februar 2024

Strong and vulnerable - women on displacement

Special tandem tour on the occasion of International Women's Day

Friday, 8 March 2024, 4-5 p.m.

Half of all people who have had to flee or are expelled are women and girls. They are often exposed to gender-specific violence and dangers during displacement: structural discrimination and sexual abuse are not only reasons for fleeing, but also a reality on the journey and after arrival or in the camp. At the same time, it is these people who look after the children and the family under the most difficult conditions. In an exceptional situation, women in particular bear great responsibility and need resilience and courage. In this guided tour, we will address the specific challenges faced by women and girls on displacement and look at testimonies that tell of their experiences then and now.

With: Kseniia Tsybulska

Free admission

Tickets: Dokumentationszentrum Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung - Führungen - Öffentliche Sonderführung anlässlich des Internationalen Frauentages (