Ensilumi (Any Day Now)

Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2024, 18:00 – 20:30, Dokumentationszentrum Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung

Ensilumi (Any Day Now)

Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Generation - guest at the Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation

Film and discussion

The Berlinale has been present worldwide for many years with specially curated programs. The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period and makes the Berlinale's activities visible throughout the year.

On January 17, 2024, the Berlinale Spotlight will present Hamy Ramezan's film Ensilumi (Any Day Now), which premiered in the Generation Kplus competition in 2021. As a child, director Hamy Ramezan and his family fled from Iran to Finland to escape political repression, where he has lived ever since. In his debut film, he tells the story from the perspective of 13-year-old Ramin, who lives with his family, also refugees from Iran, in a Finnish refugee shelter. Any day could be the day on which the deportation notice is delivered, and yet the family tries to create a piece of home in this precarious situation and, between courage and joy, despair and worry, insists on their right to happiness and dignity.

A film discussion will be part of the event, which will be hosted by Generation section head Sebastian Markt and section manager Melika Gothe. The film will be shown:

Ensilumi (Any Day Now)

by Hamy Ramezan



Generation Kplus 2021

Free admission.

The Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Shorts & Generation is a cooperation between the Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation and the European Film Market (EFM) of the Berlin International Film Festival.